Do you offer a monthly membership?

Yes, but Spinister does not require any long-term commitments. Simply buy classes as you go and receive discounted rates as you purchase larger packages or purchase an unlimited rides membership.Click HERE for current pricing options.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Not at this time. 

Can I buy a class and then give it as a gift?

Yes. You can specify when purchasing if it is for someone else.

Can I redeem a class and get cash back?

No. When you buy a class, you are only entitled to use that class to book a bike.  You cannot redeem your class for cash.

Can I redeem a class for merchandise?

No. You cannot redeem a class for merchandise.

What if I can't keep up in class?

Indoor cycling made appropriate for any fitness level. Our bike feature resistance adjustments that help customize the workout for each rider's abilities. We encourage all riders to have fun and choose the pace they feel is appropriate for their ride. 

Is there a beginner class?

We have new riders in every Spinister class, and our AllStar instructors explain the function and flow of each and every class.

How does Spinister differ from the classes offered at my gym?

Spinister is an indoor cycling experience. Our classes run by utilizing intended RPM ranges, power production levels, on-bike skills, and riding to the beat of some great tunes.

How many calories are burned per class?

Our bike monitors provide rough estimates, but figuring the true calories expended requires calculations utilizing the weight of the individual and the amount of power created. You should expect to use 400-700 calories during each ride.

Can I ride if I am pregnant?

Many pregnant women are able to ride throughout all stages of pregnancy, however we recommend you check with your doctor before riding.

Is there any way to make the seat more comfortable?

Riding more is the best solution to increasing your level of comfort, but wearing padded bike shorts or using a cushioned gel seat can also help if you are experiencing initial discomfort.

Do you rent cycling shoes?

No. For hygienic reasons, we do not rent cycling shoes.


Do I need cycling shoes?

Cycling shoes provide a positive position in the pedals allowing you to be more efficient. We provide everything you need to ride in everyday athletic shoes, however you are welcome to bring your own riding shoes if you prefer. Both "Look Delta" and SPD cleats work with out bikes.


I want to ride as part of a group. Do we need to create separate accounts?

Yes, every rider must create an account and fill out a Waiver. Spinister staff can help ensure you have the proper number of bikes reserved for your group. Rides are not transferable between rider accounts.

Minor Waivers: Riders between the ages of 12 and 17 must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver in studio.

Do you have childcare in the studio?

Maybe. We try to provide childcare during specific peak class times, however the service is not always available. Please inquire regarding specific class sessions.

Do you have locker rooms?

We provide both in-studio storage and larger open cubby storage in our lounge area. We also have separate bathrooms with showers.

Do you have water or should I bring mine?

We also have a filtered water cooler that can be used to fill personal bottles.

What are your studio rules?

  • All riders must sign a waiver prior to their first ride.

  • We reserve the right to release any bikes that are not signed in for at class start times. In order to hold the bike, we ask that riders utilize the remote check-in option. Bikes will be held for up to 10 minutes after class begins. Riders who are more than 10 minutes late will not be admitted into class.

  • In order to cancel a class reservation and return it to your account, you must unreserve by 15 minutes prior to the class. If you do not cancel your bike you will be charged for it. 

  • We are not responsible for any items that are lost or stolen at our studio.

  • If a rider is planning on leaving class early, we ask that they please tell the Instructor ahead of time and utilize a bike close to the rear exit in order to minimize disturbance to the class.

More questions about Spinister? Drop us an email at