Darynell utilizes his military background to deliver a high-intensity and fast paced workout but with all the fun of his beautiful homeland, the tropical island of Honolulu, Hawaii.


On the island of Okinawa, Japan only six short years ago, Darynell's first spin class changed his world.  After learning from great mentors all over the world, he decided to take it up a notch, and become an instructor.


Teaching all over the state of Virginia and in foriegn lands as far away as Afghanistan, Darynell has built a following through out many military bases.


His rides combine strict military attitude with a love of music and fun, making every ride an enjoyable challenge for both new and seasoned riders.


Darynell believes that "the hardest part of life is making an effort to achieve change. So come in to class and ride your heart out!"


Dream Destination- Switzerland


Favorite Move on the Bike- 4x4 & 2x2 Jumps!


Favorite Music Genre- Any song that gets my riders excited and coming back for more!